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Feel the connection with the land & its story; travelling to SEKEM & Egypt

The world is a beautiful place. Travelling is our connection to its nature, and the communication to its culture. Learning to appreciate these aspects also compels us to respect it; to travel responsibly, and ethically. From environmental concerns and action, to perhaps supporting and participating with local communities and initiatives, such as SEKEM in Egypt.

Egypt is a magical place, where a rich fusion of geography, climate, history, faith and people always make it a unique travel experience. It has long been a favourite destination, in antiquity until today, from explorers and adventurers to vacation-makers. Together with the destination's rich culture and diversity, stretching from the river Nile and Delta region, Sinai Peninsula and Red Sea areas, Upper Egypt with Luxor and Aswan, to the Mediterranean coast. All who are familiar or yearn to visit Egypt understand the magic. Nowhere is this energy more proclaimed then at the SEKEM sustainable development project. A visit to SEKEM ensures your journey is a truly unique and a powerful experience, and a positive contribution.

Practical travel information - Egypt

This travel information provided by SEKEM Reisen is only a guide. Since travel situations to a country can change rapidly, you are strongly encouraged to stay informed by visiting the official website of your government's Foreign Ministry and/or embassy to Egypt, which should provide up-to-date travel advice. Additional research on a country, such as on general travel advice, visa information, health and safety, climate, to cultural and traditions is also always advisable, and actually part of the fun before you embark on a journey! SEKEM Reisen is also always available to help you prior to making a booking and post.

Climate: Egypt is generally a dry and warm to hot country. Of course the climate depends on when and where exactly you visit, as it can also be more fresh and fertile, such as around the Mediterranean coast, along the Nile/Delta region, as well as at Red Sea resort areas. In general, the best time to travel to SEKEM and Egypt tends to be October through May.

Dress codes & behaviour: When travelling to any country, it is always best to familiarise yourself with local customs and behaviours. This would attract less negative or unwanted attention, and allow you to truly experience the local ways in good spirit. Similarly in Egypt, your dress code should consider such local customs and culture, as well as the climate. Loose, light clothing from natural material such as cotton is highly recommended, especially if travelling during summer. Conservative clothing is also always best in public areas, especially holy sites. Egypt is predominantly a Muslim country, so one should always consider this in their behaviour whilst travelling throughout the country.

Travel visa: Tourist visas are available at Egyptian embassies and consulates around the world, but also at the airport on arrival for many nationalities, including for all members of the European Union (EU).

Health and Safety in Egypt: In general, Egypt has always been a safe destination and with very hospitable people. Crime rates in Egypt are low and violent crime against visitors is rare. However, the country has also been victim to negative publicity in recent times, casting doubts for would-be travellers. Political changes and related incidents such as protests, marches and demonstrations can occur, whilst other incidents have also now made some parts of Egypt not so travel friendly (such as North Sinai). Thus, it very much depends on where in Egypt you travel. Many areas are fine and do not experience any violent protests, or other areas are protected by enhanced security measures and has.

Like when travelling to any country, it is always advisable to check in advance your government's official travel information, and of course always sensible to take care and avoid any commotions or areas at risk when abroad.

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