Promoting ethical tourism to SEKEM & Egypt

SEKEM is an extraordinary creation, active since the late 1970s. Like the origins of its name, the SEKEM project is a "light force of the sun", shining bright in the Egyptian desert, and revealing what mankind can achieve; together in harmony within culture and nature. The initiative has become a model for sustainable development and positive use of energy in Egypt and throughout the region, but also globally.

Out of sympathy and compassion to support SEKEM, a yearning to see this "miracle of the desert" has also developed throughout Europe and the world. As such, our work at SEKEM Reisen was established; to present this initiative and help organise tours to experience it first-hand. At the same time, our travel company offers add-on tours and vacations to other parts of magical Egypt, including the "world's greatest open-air museum" Luxor, exclusive Dahabeya Nile cruises, Red Sea vacations, and Egyptian desert expeditions and lodging, as well as always exploring new tour possibilities. More about our travel company SEKEM Reisen


"Problems like food insecurity, water scarcity, climate change etc., pose enormous challenges for Egypt that cannot be solved by politics alone. SEKEM stands up to these challenges. The company embraces a private-economic and civilian approach to tackle the aforementioned problems." - CEO, SEKEM Holding, Helmy Abouleish

Like with many aspects in our societies, taking a more responsible and positive approach to travel always produces better outcomes - both for the environment and for local communities. Read more about ethical tourism

Ethical Tourism

Tourism can have far-reaching results. Our goal should be to convert these into real and positive benefits, such as for the local communities we visit, where we can help generate economic opportunities and provide the stimulus for long-term sustainability. At the same time, contribute towards creating an ethical travel model that further assists in the protection of the destination/location, i.e. of its cultural and natural/environmental resources. This is especially important in more vulnerable areas of our planet.

No doubt, travel also connects us with the world around us - with nature and the people - sharing experiences, love and knowledge. This is one of the more beautiful aspects of travelling, which also most certainly enriches our lives and wider societies.

However, we must do our utmost to reduce the toll on the environment when on vacation - what is known as limiting our 'carbon footprint' - as well as on the local communities we visit. Always visiting with respect and care, and with an attempt to fully experience their local reality and way-of-life, perhaps even participate and contribute.

Ethical tourism (otherwise known as responsible tourism) is a global effort that promotes a positive journey, where travel and tourism can help contribute towards safeguarding a better future. Especially during such uncertain economic and societal times around the world, no least in the Middle East & North African region, ethical tourism initiatives such as travels to SEKEM are even more of a model for sustainability, and a glimmering hope of opportunity to progress, peace, and prosperity.

Sustainable Development at SEKEM

In order to measure its performance within the different aspects of sustainable development, SEKEM has also been developing a sustainability report every year since 2007. This report is meant as an internal reporting and measurement tool, however is also shared transparently.


When Dr Ibrahim Abouleish returned to Egypt in 1977 to start the SEKEM initiative, he had a strong vision deep in his heart:


In the midst of sand and desert I see myself standing as a well drawing water. Carefully I plant trees, herbs and flowers and wet their roots with the precious drops. The cool well water attracts human beings and animals to refresh and quicken themselves. Trees give shade, the land turns green, fragrant flowers bloom, insects, birds and butterflies show their devotion to God, the creator, as if they were citing the first Sura of the Qu'ran. The human, perceiving the hidden praise of God, care for and see all that is created as a reflection of paradise on earth. For me this idea of an oasis in the middle of a hostile environment is like an image of the resurrection at dawn, after a long journey through the nightly desert. I saw it in front of me like a model before the actual work in the desert started. And yet in reality I desired even more: I wanted the whole world to develop. - SEKEM Founder, Dr Ibrahim Abouleish

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