SEKEM & Bach on the Nile

SEKEM & Luxor & Dahabeya with pianist Steffen Hartmann

As this tour will be solely in German Language the program and details will appear but in German

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SEKEM & Bach on the Nile

"Bach on the Nile"

13th thru 27th OCT 2024

SEKEM & Luxor & Dahabeya

musically accompanied by pianist and anthroposophy Steffen Hartmann


For more information, please contact SEKEM Reisen, so we can send you the flyer via email or paperprint.

SEKEM & Luxor & Dahabeya - Bach on the Nile II

The journey here offered is one of SEKEM Reisen's well booked 14-days tours. Newly added to this tour 13th thru 27th OCT 2024 is the accompaniment by the pianist and Anthroposoph Steffen Hartmann from Hamburg, who in SEKEM will perform and give speeches to the subjects (here in German, as his speeches won't be translated)

1. Abend (Mo)   "Das Wohltemperierte Klavier von Johann Sebastian Bach und der Tierkreis" Es erklingen alle 24 Präludien von Bach in Verbindung mit den Zwölf Stimmungen von Rudolf Steiner  

2. Abend (Di)   "Das dreigliedrige Wesen der Sonate" Werke von Joseph Haydn, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart und Ludwig van Beethoven  

3. Abend (Mi)   "Musik für den Frieden" Eine musikalische Reise von Norden nach Süden Werke von Jean Sibelius, Astor Piazolla, Johann Sebastian Bach, Torben Maiwald u.a.     Später auf dem Schiff: "Das ägyptische Mysterienwesen und die Zeit Echnatons"    

DAY 1 – Sunday:

Flight (not included) to Cairo. Transfer from CAI Intl. Airport to SEKEM. Welcome and check in to your room. Meal according to your arrival time.

DAY 2 – Monday:

Getting accustomed to the outstretched farm by a guided tour. Relax amidst this man-made paradise, kept alive and thriving by the traditional art of irrigating desert land. Enjoy walking in the shade of more than 1,000 date palms, Australian Pine trees (casuarina equisetifolia) neem- and orange-trees, caressed by the breeze. Dinner at your lodge.

DAY 3 – Tuesday:

Excursion to the famous and oldest of the 7 Ancient Wonders of the World, the Giza Pyramids. Visit the Pyramids and the Sphinx. Continuing to the Step Pyramid of Sakkara and visit Mastabas with very well preserved wall paintings. Lunch in a shady restaurant (food and beverages at your own cost). Back to SEKEM for a relaxing evening dinner.

DAY 4 – Wednesday:

A relaxed Cairo sightseeing day. Guided tour through the world-famous Egyptian Museum, which is home to an extensive collection of ancient Egyptian antiquities and some of the world's most unique treasures, such as the golden masks of Tutankhamun, Grave Mask of king Amenemope, Mummy mask of Psusennes I, and Figurine of Khufu, mummies, hieroglyphics, among other. Lunch at a nice restaurant (food and beverages at your own cost). After lunch you will have the opportunity to stroll along Cairo’s most famous Basar Khan-el-Khalili, with all the diverse and colourful offers. Accompanied by your guide to be sure the exhibits and the bargaining stays somewhat fair for both parties! Dinner awaits for you back at the SEKEM farm.

Interesting to note: eating and drinking in Egypt is more than likely much cheaper than in your home country. Cost for food/drinks would likely be around 30 euro / 25 GBP / 40 USD for the 2 days.

DAY 5 – Thursday: 

Comprehensive guided tour through some production lines of the SEKEM Farm, e.g. the workshops of Naturetex, where hundreds of people are sewing. You will participate at the weekly assembly of the school, where children of many classes show each other and the many ever present visitors what they’re actually learning. Enjoy a nice lunch. At about 4 p.m. you are invited to share in the weekend circle, together with about 800 SEKEM locals/employees, saying farewell to the Abouleish Family. Late afternoon or evening flight (not included) to Luxor, transfer to your Gezira Garden Hotel, Westbank.

DAY 6 – Friday:

After breakfast, briefing of the tour programme with the hotel owner, Gamal Hassan, who cares for the good English (or other languages, if necessary)-speaking guides. Crossing the Nile to the Eastbank by boat to the graceful Luxor Temple (14th C. BC). Lunch (food and beverages at your own cost) near the temple, such as in the garden restaurant Sindbad. After lunch, a Calèche (horse drawn carriage) to Karnak Temple (Theban 14th C. BC), with the famous passage between the Holy Rams of God Amun, the magnificent columns and the Holy Lake. End the day soaking up the atmosphere of this magical destination with dinner on the roof deck of the Hotel Gezira Garden (should the hotel Gezira Garden be booked out, you'll stay in Iberotel on the other side of the Nile, but having dinner at the Gezira Garden, incl. the personal ferry to and fro).

DAY 7 – Saturday:

Today you’ll see the Colossi of Memnon on your way to the Valley of the Kings with the burial chamber/Tomb of King Tutankhamun (Tut), son of Echnaton and Nefertiti. A visit to the Temple of Amenophis III follows and the Ramesseum (Mortuary Temple of Ramses II); tea break here. Later visit and marvel at the Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut. Relax with dinner back at the roof deck of Gezira Garden Hotel.

Day 8 – Sunday: 

A casual stroll among the fertile fields and pleasant farmland along the Nile valley to the Mortuary Temple of Ramesses III at Medinet Habu. Option to travel there by minibus, camel ride, or horseback (at slightly extra costs). Then you’ll visit the Valley of the Workers and the burial sites of the Noblemen, who were Ramose, Vizier of Amenophis III and IV, Usherhet, Royal Scribe of Amenophis II, and Chaemhet, High Supervisor of the Granaries for Upper and Lower Egypt under Amenophis III. All tours are guided by an English(or other languages, if necessary)-speaking guide. The afternoon is free, with options to take a ferry to the Luxor side for a stroll through the Bazaar and/or a visit to the small, but cosy Luxor Museum.

DAY 9 – Monday: 

After breakfast you will be transferred to your Dahabeya in the town of Esna, about 30 miles to go. There you After breakfast a vehicle will take you to board the Dahabeya at Esna, about 30 miles south of Luxor. Once aboard you’ll start sailing for the next 6 days (through Saturday) about 130 miles up the Nile towards Aswan.

DAY 9-14 - Monday-Saturday:

Sailing on a Dahabeya offers a simple, yet luxury pleasure, such as the sound of silent cruising, and of raw nature, the desert wind, and the Nile’s stream. The idyllic views no least spectacular, from the riverbanks, villages, diverse people, to the evening star lights.

Relaxation brings on new meaning, uniquely combined with the power and energy of this most ancient journey. Enjoy the time and place pass by whilst reading your book, playing backgammon, or just lazing around and enjoying a local coffee or wine. Perhaps you would like to get livelier and join in with the crew's traditional music and dancing.

The Dahabeya is driven by the almost always blowing borealis. Since days without wind might occur, a tug boat will help. It then tows about 100 meters away from the Dahabeya so not to disturb with the steam and noise.

These ancient sites in Upper Egypt will be visited: El Kab, the Temple of Edfu, the ancient quarries of El Silsila, the Temple KomOmbo, Philae-Temple in Aswan. All entries are to be paid then and there, transfers to El Kab, Edfu, El Silsila and KomOmbo are included, not the one to Philae. The crew will assist with the necessary arrangements.


More about the Dahabeya

“The Guilded“ or “The Golden“ gives us an impression about how some Egyptian families liked to exhibit their wealth by having guilded (or using real gold) parts of the superstructure of their big sailing ships, that lavishly reflected the sun while passing by on the Nile. In contrast to the more than 200 hundred steamships cruising the Nile, the authorities restricted Dahabeyas to about 50. This ensures their peace and serenity. No wonder their rates are much higher than the ones on Diesel-engine driven steamships. Dahabeyas sail and moor at small isles in the Nile or at an interesting riverbank, where steamships cannot, and are not allowed to moor.

The said mentioned Dahabeyas belong to Alaa Hassan (Luxor) and Jane Irving (Yorkshire).

The Dahabeya sailing houseboat offers 10/16 beds in 4/6 DBL-Cabins and larger Suites at the stern. All cabins have a separate bathroom with WC, shower and basin, as well as a cosy bedroom with single beds that can be pushed to a DBL bed. The suites are larger and have a view from the stern of the boat across the Nile. The Dahabeya has a beautiful saloon with comfortable seating, dining/common room, and a wide sun deck. The deck can be protected from wind and sun by encircling curtains. Ample seating-accommodation can be arranged as you please. Cabins, and the boat in general is decorated with authentic oriental furniture.

Al meals are freshly prepared by the cook on-board, with produce bought daily at village markets along the Nile riverbanks. Meals are delicious, fusing all the local colours and aromas. Cold non-alcoholic beverages are included, e.g. freshly made lemon-juice, and tea and coffee (or bring your own also). No better way to experience the destination than in its food, in the fresh morning watching the sunrise and silky Nile, in the shade during the hot days, or in the evening under the stars. The crew will provide alcool, if wanted.


DAY 14 - Saturday:

Transfer from the Dahabeya sailing boat to visiting Philae-Temple (ferry and entry optional). Afternoon flight from ASW International Airport to Cairo. Transfer to a Hotel near CAI Airport, depending on the flights back to Europe.

Day 15 - Sunday:

Transfer to CAI Airport, flying back home.


Note: possible programme changes due to local necessities



SEKEM & Dahabeya - Bach on the Nile II

Overview map of magical Egypt - Bach on the Nile

13th thru 27th NOV 2024

Duration: 15 days, 14 nights - Min number: 6 participants

Prices: 2,830 euro pP in DBL-Room - 2,990 euro pP in SGL-Room - Shared Cabins on the Dahabeya. Extra charge for SGL Cabin 500 €

Booking Aspects

Included: Transfers from/to the Intl. Airports in question in Egypt to Hotels in SEKEM, Luxor and Cairo. All transfers and all entrance fees to the sights, as detailed in the itinerary; German speaking guide (speaks Arabic as well); HB resp. FB in SEKEM, HB in Luxor, FB on Dahabeya (incl. lemon juice, tea, coffee). On the Dahabeya you are to share a cabin.

Not Included: All flights. SEKEM Reisen can help book flights from/to any Intl. Airport you wish to depart/return to. We will book the flights but with renowned airlines, in close coordination with you, preferring direct flights at decent times or flights with the least stops possible. The service charge for booking your flights will be 10 %. 


Accommodation Options

Rooming in SEKEM and Luxor in DBL- or SGL-Rooms, on the Dahabeya only in DBL-Cabins, SGL Cabin on Dahabeya will cost 500 € extra. 

Travel Tips
Before travelling to any country its also always a good idea to do a little research and learn more about the destination; its climate, culture, and general environment. We've prepared an introduction to general practical information about travelling to EgyptTravel insurance is always advisable. Either you can arrange speak to SEKEM Reisen for more information, or book itself yourself directly using the below link.

Booking Info

2,890 euro pp in DBL-Room – SGL-Room 2,990 euro pp

Suite on Dahabeya +200 € 

Minimum participants 6


Deadline for application 10th SEP 2024

Tour price valid/guaranteed until 10th SEP 2024


If there will be less applications than 6 you will be informed at least 4 weeks before the travel date. In that case all payments will be refunded.

Booking Enquiries