Hatshepsut and Akhenaton

Seminar with Dr. Bruno Sandkuehler about the 18th dynasty between Queen Hatshepsut and Akhenaton

After the seminar you will get to know SEKEM and its wonderful achievements as well as the Giza Pyramids and more

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Hatshepsut and Akhenaton

In a seminar with Dr. Bruno Sandkuehler, in close neighbourhood to the famous Valley of the Kings, you will try to find out more about the Egyptian culture, especially about the 200 years between Queen Hatshepsut and Akhenaton's unique way to cherish the Sungod Aton as the only God to be worshipped. You will immerge, guided by Bruno's deep knowledge of the Egyptian culture, in the 18th Egyptian dynasty. Now and then, when the time says it will be right, you will go and see for yourself, what you probably will have discussed, at close quarters of your cosy Hotel Marsam. The Marsam or Sheik Ali's hotel is favoured by almost all the international archeologists working year round.

Beginning the 2nd week you will fly to Cairo and will experience SEKEM according to the weeklong program SEKEM Essential. You will stay in SEKEM's wonderful guesthouse 40 miles northeast of Heliopolis/Cairo. Bruno will be there, too, to be at hand in the evenings, if you might want to ask many questions...

Seminar about the time 14th and 15th Century b.C. plus SEKEM Essential

In the seminar-week with Dr. Bruno Sandkuehler, living in Stuttgart and Qurna/Luxor in close neighbourhood to the famous Valley of the Kings, you will try to find out more about the Egyptian culture, especially about the era from Hatshepsut on to Akhenaton's unique way to cherish the Sungod Aton as the only God to be worshipped, opposite to all his predecessors and followers on the Pharaonic throne. You will meet daily according a schedule you will agree upon together in a lively way and joyful atmosphere, guided by Dr. Bruno's deep knowledge of the Egyptian culture. According to the contents of your seminar, you will go visit and see for yourself, what you probably will have discussed. All the famous sights are in close vicinity of your cosy Hotel Marsam, favoured hotel by most of the international archeologists working year round. The hotel was built by the legendary tomb-robber Sheik Ali and still belongs to his descendants. It is run by Klaus. People from Luxor come to lunch, dine, and enjoy the cosy hotelgarden, where you sit in the shade, enjoying fresh bio-grown vegetables and other delicacies. Any drink will be served, though - sorry - the drinks are something you'd pay yourself. All meals throughout the week will be served on Half Board base. In case the hotel will be packed, you will stay in the family's dependance, about 800 m away, in large rooms, all with ensuite bathrooms, breakfast eventually being served there in the garden. The daily transfer to/from Marsam is included, so are all the entry fees and transfers to the sights you will visit.


In the 2nd week you fly to Cairo tol experience SEKEM (and Cairo) according to the weeklong program SEKEM Essential. You will stay in SEKEM's wonderful guesthouse 30 miles northeast of Heliopolis/Cairo. Dr. Bruno will be there too, to continue talks with you in the evenings, if wanted.

DAY 1 - Sunday: Flight from Luxor to Cairo. Transfer from CAI Intl. Airport to SEKEM. Welcome and move in your room. Meal according to your arrival time.

DAY 2 - Monday: Getting accustomed to the outstretched farm by a guided tour. Relax amidst this man-made paradise, kept alive and thriving by the traditional art of irrigating desert land. Enjoy walking in the shade of more than 1,000 date palms, Australian Pine trees (casuarina equisetifolia) neem- and orange-trees, caressed by the breeze. Dinner at your lodge.

DAY 3 - Tuesday: Excursion to the famous and oldest of the 7 Ancient Wonders of the World, the Giza Pyramids. If time permits, you can intake a refreshing snack at the well beloved Hotel Mena House (formerly Oberoi) - food and beverages at your own cost. Visit the Pyramids and the Sphinx. Continuing to the Step Pyramid of Sakkara and visit Mastabas with very well preserved wall paintings. Lunch in a shady restaurant (food and beverages at your own cost). Back to SEKEM for a relaxing evening dinner.

DAY 4 - Wednesday: A relaxed Cairo sight seeing day. Guided tour through the world-famous Egyptian Museum, which is home to an extensive collection of ancient Egyptian antiquities and some of the world's most unique treasures, such as the golden masks of Tutankhamun, Grave Mask of king Amenemope, Mummy mask of Psusennes I, and Figurine of Khufu, mummies, hieroglyphics, among other. Lunch at a nice restaurant (food and beverages at your own cost). After lunch you will have the opportunity to stroll along Cairo's most famous Basar Khan-el-Khalili, with all the diverse and colourful offers. Dinner awaits you back at the SEKEM farm. Interesting to note: eating and drinking in Egypt is much cheaper than in your home country. Cost for food/drinks would likely be around 50 euro / GBP 40 / USD 65 for the entire week.

DAY 5 - Thursday: Comprehensive guided tour through some production lines of the SEKEM Farm, e.g. the workshops of Naturetex, where hundreds of people are sewing. You will participate at the weekly assembly of the school, where children of many classes show each other and the many ever present visitors what they are actually learning. Enjoy a nice lunch. At about 4 p.m. you are invited to share the weekend circle, together with about 800 SEKEM local employees, saying farewell to the Abouleish Family.

DAY 6 - Friday: Excursion to the Oasis Faiyum, the great garden of Egypt. Lake Karun has been fed by a canal from the Nile for about 3,000 years! You will have lunch at the lakeside residence of Egypt's last King Faruk (food and beverages at your own cost). Due to frequent refurbishing, the Residence lunch might be in some other nice place in the vicinity. There are many date palm trees and widespread vegetable farms in the valley of Faiyum. You will have a cup of tea in the house of a local farmer cooperating with SEKEM. Simple ball pens and/or bonbons are little gifts much welcomed. For dinner you'll be back at SEKEM.

DAY 7 - Saturday: After a relaxed breakfast you will drive downtown to visit the Coptic Church St. Sergius, where the Holy Family is said to have been resting after their journey from Palestine. Lunch (food and beverages at your own cost). You'll then visit the most famous of Cairo's mosques, the Mohammad Ali or Alabaster Mosque. It is an impressive building with wonderful carpets under a huge dome, as well as great panning views of the megalopolis/mega-city that Cairo is. Hereafter, a short visit to Cairo's oldest mosque Ibn Tulun from 9th Century. Dinner back at the SEKEM farm.

DAY 8 - Sunday: Depending on your flight departure, you will have some relaxed last moments on the farm. About three hours before departure you'll be transferred to Cairo International Airport. Note: the course of the program SEKEM Essential may change due to local necessities.

Map Egypt

Overview Egypt, Luxor, Valley of Kings

14th thru 28th FEBRUARY 2021

Duration: 15 days - Min number: 4 participants

Prices: 3,390 Euro pp in DBL-Room --- 3,550 Euro pp in SGL-Room

Booking Aspects

What's Included: Flight with renowned airline from international EU-Airports to Luxor, mostly via Cairo. Transfer LXR Intl. Airport to your hotel. Complete seminar with Bruno Sandkuehler, seminar in German language - as Bruno is fluent in English, it might be, that the seminar will be bilingual, if urgently needed. Transfers dependance to/from Hotel Marsam, if applicable. Breakfast and dinner with bio-grown vegetables at Hotel Marsam (beverages not included), transfer to LXR Airport and flight to CAI, transfers to and from SEKEM to CAI Intl. Airport. In Theben: transfers and all entrance fees to the sights you'll decide to visit are included. In SEKEM the menu will be as shown in the itinerary, partly FB, partly HB, depending on the activities. All transfers in the itinerary, entry fees and guides are included.

What's not Included: Higher charged flights from other than the above mentioned Airports. SEKEM Reisen can help book flights from/to any other Intl. Airport you wish to depart/return to. We will book the flights with renowned airlines, in close coordination with you, preferring direct flights at decent times or flights with the least stops possible. The extra cost for such flights compared with the usual flights from EU-Airports will be charged. Baksheeshs are not included.

Accommodation Options

Hotel Marsam has large rooms with ensuite bathrooms, everything built with mudbricks, so the room-climate is excellent, the same is true for the dependance, about 800 m away from Hotel Marsam.

SEKEM offers accommodation for visitors in fully equipped rooms. The 33 rooms on the farm are all equipped with 2 beds, only two of the rooms with adjoining doors, ideal for families or assistants. All rooms have a bathroom with shower and WC as well as mosquito nets. The rooms are either on the ground or on the first floor, facing the lawns and gardens in front and behind the building.

Travel Tips

Before traveling to any country its also always a good idea to do a little research and learn more about the destination; its climate, culture, and general environment. We've prepared an introduction to general practical information about travelling to Egypt

Travel insurance is always advisable. Either you can speak to SEKEM Reisen for more information, or book itself yourself directly using the below link.

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Tour prices 3,390 Euro pp in DBL-Room - SGL-Room 3,550 Euro pp

Minimum participants 4

All tour prices valid/guaranteed until 28th FEB 2021


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