SEKEM and the Red Sea

A very interesting stay in SEKEM and in Hurghada

Posted on 03 May 2019, by Richard Bethmann

Getting to know people and the already achieved visions of SEKEM plus relaxing at a great Red Sea Resort rounded up more than a week's trip to Egypt.

The tour was very interesting.

The tourguide in SEKEM, being exclusively for us, was excellent, her German was excellent, too, and she was very knowlegable regarding many aspects of the societal background of modern Egypt.

SEKEM enthused me a lot. I had good conversations and got to know professional people, with whom I am in further contact. The vision SEKEM has proven, that Egyot has chances and possibilities to flourish. SEKEM for sure will go on growing.

The Hotel Steigenberger Al Dau was very good regarding rooms and meals.
They offer many extra activities, which often seemed to be difficult to realize, because of the unaccustomed standards of organization. Maybe it would be helpful to learn more about the possibilities in the hotel and in the surroundings ahead of the stay there.


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