Real experiences from vacations to SEKEM & Egypt

The Breath of Egypt

January 31, 2018
The Mysteries of Upper and Lower Egypt - Sema Tawy.

Congress from 02. - 04. Februar 2018, 20:00, Goetheanum Dornach, Switzerland.

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March 19, 2017
An interesting view on SEKEM's day-to-day activities and the famous Cairo-sights

We experienced as a family the daily life in SEKEM with its firms, employees, schools, farming and storage of products - we took part in assemblies of students and workers and bedides we saw the most famous sights in Cairo, Pyramids, Egyptian Museum, Sakkara, the big BAzar Khan-el-Khalili, the Mohammed-Ali Mosque, Coptian Cairo, we went to the oasis Faiyum and spoke with farmers who work in sustainable ways for SEKEM - all very insightful and hope giving!

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Deep, deep impressions in Egypt

December 21, 2016
The past: mythology for us, but real then - impressions from a tour with SEKEM Reisen

A two-week journey from SEKEM to Mena House Hotel at the Pyramids, exploring Luxor, the Nile on a relaxing Dahabeya cruise under sails to Aswan's healthy dry climate, as experienced by a participant, feeling that past and present melt into one...

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Fantastic SEKEM

November 03, 2016
Individual honeymoon trip to Cairo and SEKEM

Though in really hot weather (July 2016) we enjoyed staying next to the Pyramids followed by a week in SEKEM

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