SEKEM plus The Red Sea

Combine a visit to the SEKEM sustainability development project and the amenities of vacations at the Red Sea

Visiting the sustainable development project SEKEM and adding some days at the Red Sea

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SEKEM plus The Red Sea

This combined tour SEKEM plus The Red Sea offers a stay in and getting to know the sustainable development project SEKEM, the major touristic sites of Cairo are added as excursions on two days.

A three-day or longer addition at the Red Sea offers you a relaxing time in the dry climate in some of the best hotels at the Red Sea around Hurghada. All offers, but one are based on half-board.


DAY 1 – Sunday: Flight to Cairo. Transfer from airport to SEKEM. Welcome and move in to your room. Meal according to your arrival time.

DAY 2 – Monday: Getting accustomed to the outstretched farm by a guided tour. Relax amidst this man-made paradise, kept alive and thriving by the traditional art of irrigating desert land. Enjoy walking in the shade of more than 1,000 date palms, Australian Pine trees (casuarina equisetifolia) neem- and orange-trees, caressed by the breeze. Dinner at your lodge.

DAY 3 – Tuesday: Excursion to the famous and oldest of the 7 Ancient Wonders of the World, the Giza Pyramids. If time permits, refreshing with a snack at the well beloved Hotel Mena House (formerly Oberoi) - food and beverages at your own cost. Visit the Pyramids and the Sphinx. Continuing to the Step Pyramid of Sakkara and visit Mastabas with very well preserved wall paintings. Lunch in a shady restaurant (food and beverages at your own cost). Back to SEKEM for a relaxing evening dinner.

DAY 4 – Wednesday: A relaxed Cairo sight seeing day. Guided tour through the world-famous Egyptian Museum, which is home to an extensive collection of ancient Egyptian antiquities and some of the world's most unique treasures, such as the golden masks of Tutankhamun, Grave Mask of king Amenemope, Mummy mask of Psusennes I, and Figurine of Khufu, mummies, hieroglyphics, among other.

Lunch at a nice restaurant (food and beverages at your own cost). After lunch you will have the opportunity to stroll along Cairo’s most famous Basar Khan-el-Khalili, with all the diverse and colourful offers. Accompanied by your guide to be sure the exhibition is not done alone, but the bargaining we leave to you! Dinner awaits for you back at the SEKEM farm.

Interesting to note: eating and drinking in Egypt is more than likely much cheaper than in your home country. Cost for food/drinks would likely be around 50 euro / 40 GBP / 65 USD for an entire week.

DAY 5 – Thursday: Comprehensive guided tour through some production lines of the SEKEM Farm, e.g. the workshops of Naturetex, where hundreds of people are sewing. You will participate at the weekly assembly of the school, where children of many classes show each other and the many ever present visitors what they’re actually learning. Enjoy a nice lunch. If time permits, at about 4 p.m. you are invited to share in the weekend circle, together with about 800 SEKEM locals/employees, saying farewell to the Abouleish Family. Transfer to CAI Intl. Airport for your flight to Hurghada late afternoon.

DAY 5 - DAY 8 / or DAY xx - 3 resp. XX nights in chosen hotel HB (Oberoi B&B), transfer and flight CAI-home. Flights CAIHRGCAI booked extra by yourself or SEKEM Reisen.
Transfer (incl.) to Guesthouse of former German Honorary Consul Ely, Hurghada or transfer (excl.) to Hotel Steigenberger Al Dau, Hurghada or transfer (excl.) to Hotel Oberoi, Sahl Hasheesh or transfer (excl.) to Hotel Le Baron Palace, Sahl Hasheesh or transfer (excl.) to Hotel Sultan Bey, El Gouna

Map of Egypt, Hurghada

Map of Egypt, Hurghada

Booking according to your dates

Duration: 8 to xx days - Min number: 2 participants

Prices: On from 1,590 euro

Booking Aspects

What's Included Flight with renowned airline from international EU-airports to Cairo, connecting flights upon request. Transfer CAI Intl. Airport to SEKEM. Complete care by SEKEM staff, fluent English speaking guides in SEKEM and Cairo. Transfers and all entrance fees to the sights, as mentioned in the itinerary; bio-dynamic full board menus at SEKEM (tea, coffee and non-alcoholic juices included), if not stated otherwise in the itinerary. Transfer to CAI Intl. Airport, fly home from CAI at the end of the Red Sea trip.

What's not Included Flights from other than the above mentioned Airports. SEKEM Reisen can help book flights from/to any other Intl. Airport you wish to depart/return to. We will book the flights with renowned airlines, in close coordination with you, preferring direct flights at decent times or flights with the least stops possible. The service charge for booking connecting flights will be 5%. The flight CAIHRG is not included, it either can be booked by yourself or happily by SEKEM Reisen with an additional of 10 euro to the price at the actual date the flight CAIHRGCAI will be booked.

Accommodation Options

In SEKEM - DBL- or SGL-Room

Hotels at The Red Sea - DBL- or SGL-Room
Unique: Guesthouse of former German Honorary Consul Ely, HB, Hurghada
***** Hotel Steigenberger Al Dau, HB, Hurghada
**** Hotel Sultan Bey, HB, El Gouna
*****+ Hotel Oberoi, B&B, Sahl Hasheesh
***** Hotel Le Baron Palace, HB, Sahl Hasheesh

Unique: Guesthouse Ely in Hurghada - an unparalleled accomodation with half-board (HB) is the guesthouse of former German Honorary Consul Peter Ely.
Mrs Karin Ely has furnished each of the 20 appartements and flats individually, some guests were so enchanted, that they bought their accomodation's furniture!
The roof terrace on 3rd floor can be reached by stair or elevator. From up there you have a wide view of the Red Sea, even when sitting in a 4-person-whirlpool.
The Ely family run their guesthouse as sort of a hobby, no wonder their hospitality is unique, also thanks to Mrs Ely's delicious dinners and to interesting conversations.
You will get a mobile with an Egyptian SIM-Card, and get help to call a taxi, to go to the beach or to wherever and back. Peter will help you find the best beaches (mostly hotel-beaches, where they might ask for a modest entrance fee) and other sights in and around Hurghada. Hurghada with its population of 250.000 has lots of attractions. Almost a must is a boattrip to an offshore island to snorkel or relax. There is ample opportunity for diving activities.

***** Hotel Steigenberger Al Dau Resort in Hurghada, about 2 m south of HRG-center (HB)
This grand and luxurious hotel has a beautiful garden and a real great pool, that winds through the extended area. There are attractions for kids, but also quiet areas for adults. On the premises you find the very good and experienced staff of the diving club Ilios, managed by Martina and Magdy Aziz, an Egyptian-German couple, offering 8 boats for whatever length of trips for under water adventures. A 9-hole golf-course is on the hotel's premises. The beach is wide and clean.

**** Hotel Sultan Bey in El Gouna, about 15 m north of Hurghada (HB)
A charming smaller hotel is offered by SEKEM Reisen since 7 years. A visit in DEC 2016 proved that the trust in it is rightly justified. It borders a lagoon, on which a shuttle boat crosses regularly from the hotel's pier to the island Zeytouna a few minutes away, whose strand gives way to the Red Sea. El Gouna is an enormous, but though attractive touristic project run by Orascom Company, owned by Mr Sawiris, who also transformed the Swiss village Andermatt into an interesting ski resort. El Gouna (the lagoon) breathes a calm and pleasant atmosphere. Many renowned international architects were invited to realise their dream-hotel. The result are exhilarant buildings all over the spot, all owned by Orascom, and leased by big hotel chains. A charming village core is the center, where one likes to stroll. If you don't feel like using your feet too much, you can hire a water-taxi to the lively Marina or a cheap environment-friendly Tuk-Tuk. Sultan Bey has shady niches and archways. El Gounas's hotels participate in a "dine-around"-program, where guests are invited to try out other hotel's cooks culinary skills. Many customers of Sultan Bey say that it attracts more guests from other hotels than all the other places do...

The two hotels mentioned hereunder are excellent and SEKEM Reisen recommends them highly, though they are expensive and exclusive. They are situated some 12-14 m south of Hurghada, located in the wide bay Sahl Hasheesh.

*****+ Hotel Oberoi in Sahl Hasheesh (B&B)
The Oberoi belongs to the Indian Oberoi Group, „Member of the Leading Hotels of the World“ with the nicest hotels at the planet's nicest spots. The service and the interior of The Oberoi is topnotch! The Oberoi extends at the nicest part of the bay on sort of a height overlooking a long spotless white strand, coral reefs for snorkeling. There is a very attractive pool. Roomy DeLuxe Suites are standard. Since years the Oberoi leads the rankings of the more than 250 hotels in and around Hurghada.

***** Hotel Baron Palace in Sahl Hasheesh (HB)
Another hotel, where one is seduced to spend the entire time in its premises, lies a few miles further south than the Oberoi. It also belongs to the very best hotels there are in the region. Beside the main restaurant there are 7 more plus 8 different bars. Some suites have their own access to the pool, so rolling right from the bed into the clear blue water is an option... The pool has 54.000 ft² offering multifarious swimming pleasures and at the same time viewing the magnificent blue sea behind a white strand. Kid's activities are well separated from the adult's relaxing areas. Le Baron Palace ranks just a few appraisements behind the Oberoi.

Travel Tips

Before traveling to any country its also always a good idea to do a little research and learn more about the destination; its climate, culture, and general environment. We've prepared an introduction to general practical information about travelling to Egypt

Travel insurance is always advisable. Either you can arrange speak to SEKEM Reisen for more information, or book itself yourself directly using the below link.

Booking Info

Model calculation for the Guesthouse Ely.
SEKEM (4 nights Su-Th) 1,190 euro p.p. in DBL / 1,240 euro p.p. in SGL-Room incl. flights departing from FRA, MUC, VIE or ZRH. Any other departure airport upon agreement, happily supported by SEKEM Reisen. Arriving at CAI Intl. Airport and retour-flight home. Transfer to SEKEM and transfer to flight CAIHRG. SEKEM program as described above
Red Sea (3 nights Th-Su) HB in Guesthouse Ely, incl. flights CAIHRGCAI according to the actual price per date of booking (at present 150 euro) +10 euro service-fee, transfer to/from Guesthouse Ely, both at Normal (NS) and Peak Season (PS)          
in DBL-Room p.p. 1,190 +160 +240 = 1,590 euro
in SGL-Room p.p. 1,240 +160 +270 = 1,670 euro

*Rates in euro p.p./day - LOW SEASON
Guesthouse Ely HB --- DBL 80 euro / SGL 90 euro
Steigenberger Al Dau Resort HB --- DBL 50-120 euro dep. on size and view (1 ch. up to 12 free) / SGL 80-110 euro dep. on size and view (1 ch. up to 12 free)
Oberoi DeLuxe Suite B&B --- DBL 150 euro (2 ch. up to 12 free) / SGL 300 euro (2 ch. up to 12 free)
Hotel Le Baron Palace HB --- DBL 70-220 euro dep. on size and view (2 ch. up to 12 free) / SGL 175-240 euro dep. on size and view (2 ch. up to 12 free)
Sultan Bey HB --- DBL 40 euro (1 ch. up to 12 free) / SGL 60 euro (1 ch. up to 12 free)*Rates in euro p.p./day 

*Rates in euro p.p./day - PEAK SEASON 

22nd DEC 2017-7th JAN 2018 / 23rd MAR-8th APR 2018 / 19th MAY-3rd JUN 2017 / 22nd DEC 2018-7th JAN 2019

Guesthouse Ely HB --- DBL 80 euro / SGL 90 euro
Steigenberger Al Dau Resort HB --- DBL 50-120 euro dep. on size and view (1 ch. up to 12 free) / SGL 95-130 euro dep. on size and view (1 ch. up  to 12 free)
Oberoi DeLuxe Suite B&B --- DBL 290 euro (2 ch. up to 12 free) / SGL 580 euro (2 ch. up to 12 free)
Hotel Le Baron Palace HB --- DBL 115-145 euro dep. on size and view (2 ch. up to 12 free) / SGL 195-245 euro dep. on size and view (2 ch. up to 12 free)
Sultan Bey HB --- DBL 50 euro (1 ch. up to 12 free) / SGL 70 euro (1 ch. up to 12 free)

*Rates of DEC 2017 Though it is Peak Season the tourism at the Red Sea is still modest, the hotels try to attract guests by moderate prices. Nobody can predict, under what conditions and when booking fees will increase again. The future will prove... The above rates reflect the actual prices under the actual conditions. Rates will be adjusted if necessary.


This could help you to calculate your Red Sea stay.

(Of course it is possible to prolong any other Tour with SEKEM Reisen by sunny days at The Red Sea.)
SEKEM (4 days) plus __ nights at the Red Sea
SEKEM ESSENTIAL (7) plus __ nights at the Red Sea
SEKEM & Luxor (9) plus __ nights at the Red Sea
SEKEM & THE DESERT (10) plus __ nights at the Red Sea
SEKEM ESSENTIAL & Dahabeya (13) plus __ nights at the Red Sea
SEKEM & Luxor & Dahabeya (13) plus __ nights at the Red Sea

To be booked at any time, min. 2 participants
Deadline 4 weeks before traveling

Booking Enquiries