Deep, deep impressions in Egypt

The past: mythology for us, but real then - impressions from a tour with SEKEM Reisen

Posted on 21 December 2016, by Peter Luborsky

A two-week journey from SEKEM to Mena House Hotel at the Pyramids, exploring Luxor, the Nile on a relaxing Dahabeya cruise under sails to Aswan's healthy dry climate, as experienced by a participant, feeling that past and present melt into one...

Deep, deep impressions: You float under sail down the Nile. Day -- sun. Night -- stars reflecting in the water.
Traditional villages pass by, children in turquoise and red, boys with donkeys, purple gallinules and cattle egrets, the stone quarries for the pyramids, the workers village.
You begin to live into the meaning of the ancient temples and the life of the ancient Egyptians.
You see a still intact 5,000 year old village wall, its unbaked bricks made of mud and straw just as described in the Bible. The top of the wall is not straight, but undulating: it symbolizes the primal sea surrounding them.
This is how Ancient Egypt begins to sink in: what is mythology to us was reality for them!
The land lies in full view on either side of the Nile --to the West, the desert, land of the dead, to the East, the land of the living. The mysteries of death and life were all in clear view to them. You see it. And which of us was not here?


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